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Myach’s Daily Pick Edition #16 – ackhoo, meow99, miniu & kayegrasya

Welcome to the 16th Edition of Myach’s Daily Pick, below you will find some awesome and interesting post to read about from our authors in the South East Asia region.

What is Myach Daily Pick?

This is an initiative proudly brought to you by @myach to help author’s post from #teammalaysia, #steemxp, #cn-malaysia and #steemph to get some extra exposure and reward them for their determination to get some great quality content out there to all Steemians to enjoy!

Here are some of the post for today by @aaronleang.

Cerita Kita ~ Our Story by @ackhoo (#teammalaysia)

Looking like a piece of folded paper – with a picture of a group of people, hanging out… with food and drinks, Malaysian-style! ‘Cerita Kita’ means Our Story, in Malay… ~ it is a large mural outside an eatery within the grounds of a petrol station, with lots of other eateries – a McD (my fav hang-out!), a Starbucks, Subway, a money-changer, a few other convenience shops… I took this photo months ago, when they painted the mural then left these forgotten in my photo archives… I was looking for something different to post today when I came across this whole lot of shots I took!

Reviews Ang Sila Fishing Market by @meow99 (#steemxp)

Ang Sila Fishing Village is open for tourists and customers. Here are fresh and fresh seafood. Delicious food Fried Foods / Fishy / Sweet Food Cooked by a recipe 🦀🦐🐠🐚🍤🥗🍚🍽️. There is also Special sauce made to suit your taste. Burned to eat fresh from the sea immediately. And many other services such as the food court for everyone to eat and have security. There is ample parking space. There are toilets available. And most importantly, the local fish market team Ang Sila will narrow the issue of fairness of tourists and customers.

[Day 6] “Doing PLANK” 1 min PLANK challenge for 30 days [30天平板支撐挑戰] by @miniu (#cn-malaysia)

24 days to Go! I got a partner, @crispinhung to do it with me. Yet, it seems like even harder to complete 1min plank as we can’t stop talking and laughing all the way. 😂

This has proved that Two is not necessarily better than one (in some situations) Haha. However, it is undeniably fun. 👫

The Secret Falls by @kayegrasya (#steemph)

This semester has given me quite a baggage of sleepless nights and unending work which is congruent to stress. I have been chained by my books and a whole lot of problems to solve. I just wanted to break free from these chains and enjoy a short moment with Mother Nature. And what more could be relaxing and enjoyable at the same time than chasing the majestic waterfall of Lanao Del Norte, Tinago Falls

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