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Myach’s Daily Pick Edition #7 – beverlyjoe, zulqaini, ryanshan25 & immarojas

Welcome to the 7th Edition of Myach’s Daily Pick, below you will find some awesome and interesting post to read about from our authors in the South East Asia region.

What is Myach Daily Pick?

This is an initiative proudly brought to you by @myach to help author’s post from #teammalaysia, #steemxp, #cn-malaysia and #steemph to get some extra exposure and reward them for their determination to get some great quality content out there to all Steemians to enjoy!

Here are some of the post for today by @aaronleang.

The 2nd Steemit Masterclass, When Disciples Becomes The Teachers by @beverlyjoe (#teammalaysia)

It was really nice to be able to join the Steemit Masterclass again, eventhough I was there only to lend my support for the SteemXP community who was the organizer. It was conducted on the 30th November and 1st December, a one and a half day session. The response was really good as 20 people has enrolled for it. I missed yesterday’s session and this morning’s session, but I was really thankful for able to join the evening session.

Purpose of the Steeveapp Program by @zulqaini (#steemxp)

Hello Steemians wherever you are, I @zulqaini feel very happy because today you can still share something new and useful to your pseudo friends and I really hope you will go smoothly as expected. This time I will write my article about the purpose ofveveapp. What do you think is the purpose of steeve? Well, I will discuss a little about the purpose of steeve !. Steeve programs the Steemit app running smoothly, and is more effective than before, Steeve wants to combine the power of AI that can go through all 20k posts made every day in steem that are made with human curations. And now Steeve has announced an upvote program in its post yesterday.

SawadeeThai Buffet 素食泰国不肥 by @ryanshan25 (#cn-malaysia)

这间名为‘Sukaphat Thai Vegetarian Restaurant’的泰国素食餐厅坐落于马来西亚吉隆坡的旧巴生路(Jalan Klang Lama)就在谷中城购物广场附近,餐厅是在Valenza Hotel 内的,它平时会提供各种各样的素食菜肴,但是现在他们正式推出了不肥促销,有兴趣的话可以去试看看。我想大家应该很好奇什么是不肥吧,其实不肥就是自助餐啦,这只是我和女友之间的叫法,直接从英文‘buffet’翻译过来,哈哈哈。那我开始介绍今天的不肥菜式喽。

Walk of Hope’s Real Stories from Tan-awan by @immarojas (#steemph)

It’s quite humbling to see kids who are wondering what SEA SHELLS are all about as they have NEVER seen them before. Tan-awan is one of the barangays of Kabankalan City, the second largest city of the Negros Island, an hour away up in the mountains. As it have a functioning high school, according to @flabbergast-art, they don’t go down to go to the City anymore. The kids there no longer go to college after high school as next to it is having jobs in the sugarcane plantations. @walkofhope‘s livelihood training is just an extra income for them. Unless the kids have scholarships for college, only then will they go to Kabankalan City for college. For all their lives in the mountains, they wouldn’t have seen a beach, let alone the sea shells.

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