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Steemtorch ! Pass it on !

If you have not heard of this social experiment created by Geekgirl , its literally to pass a “steem” torch to someone you trust. If you get it .. you just pass it on to the next person.

Myach account received it with 389.022 STEEM

We then passed it on to @bitrocker2020 at the price of 392 STEEM. The end goal is to have this torch passed to 1337 people and the final person will find a great cause to donate the amount of steem too.

Here is the original post done by geekgirl


There are SO many what ifs … . what if someone ran away with the STEEM, what if this .. what if that. …. well .. thats the social experiment. SO lets see what happens. The TORCH has been passed !

Also to keep up to date to who its been passed to, @steemtorch will automatically create a post each time it gets passed. How amazing is that !!!


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