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TEAMMALAYSIA’S DAILY PICKS #100 Edition | Kimzwarch, Djlethalskillz, Walkinharmony, Dxn & Bboyady

Welcome to the 100th Edition of TeamMalaysia’s Daily Pick, we had curated more than 300+ post from TeamMalaysia authors. Thanks for all the support and below you will find some awesome and interesting post to read about from our authors in #TeamMalaysia!

What is TeamMalaysia Daily Pick?

This is an initiative proudly brought to you by @myach to help TeamMalaysia author’s post get some extra exposure and reward them for their determination to get some great quality content out there to all Steemians to enjoy!

Here are Some of Our Picks for Today

3 Ways of Getting Out From The Comfort Zone by @kimzwarch

Getting off from our comfort zone is always a hard thing to do. This also happens to me all the time, and even now, I am still fighting with myself to step out from the zone from time to time. There is always a thinking right inside my head that what if the company I am working with now is gone and what will I be doing without this job? Am I able to recover as fast as possible before my back up fund get dried off? Am I able to earn as much as I am offered now? Am I capable to secure any good jobs and clients? The questions go on and on and this is what keeps me to continuously explore things that are outside of my comfort zone.

Language of Peace: Music For Social Justice and Peace | Shadia Mansour X DJ Lethal Skillz by @djlethalskillz

Arab hip-hop artists revive the politically conscious sub genre of hip-hop in order to normalize their Arab existence. Appropriating hip-hop for a cultural protest, Arab artists create for themselves a sub-genre of hip-hop conscious – Arab hip-hop and function as organic intellectuals of Gramsci, involved in a better representation of Arabs in the mainstream. Criticizing the power dynamics, Arab hip-hop artists are counter-hegemonic in questioning the popular identity constructions of the Arabs and reveal to the parties of the audience the media production and opportunities for progress towards social justice.

Why is it so hard to make a choice? by @walkinharmony

A few days ago, I was video calling with a young girl, I can feel her sadness across the screen. She asked me, “Do you think I make the wrong choice?” She enjoys drawing and designing since she was young. But in the end, she embarked on the road that she had never thought before. And her friend who she learns drawing together has insisted on drawing and designing. Now almost a year has passed, her friend drawing skills who used to not as good as her, owns a personal brand, selling her designs online, and her career is getting better each day. And for her, she still doesn’t become who she wants to be with the choice she made, she has been working hard with zero income.

How to properly configure your car’s side mirrors by @dxn

When driving other people’s car, be it family members, relatives, friends or dealer test driver car, often times I would notice that the side mirror of these cars are sub-optimally configured, ie: they are not fully utilized for their function. The purpose of the side mirrors on a car is to allow the driver to see other vehicles or obstacles that are behind and beside their cars. However, most drivers tend to adjust their mirror to see more “behind” than “beside”. Remember, we also have a rear-view mirror inside the car that lets us see directly out the rear windscreen. So if your side mirror is also looking towards the rear your car, it is essentially duplicating most of the information you are already getting from the rear-view mirror, and at the same time creating a great big blindspot on the side of the car.

Earning Steem Dollars by sharing instagram,twitter and youtube post through SHARE2STEEM(利用SHARE2STEEM把您的Instagram,twitter,youtube文章赚取steem 币) by @bboyady

Last weeks, I saw a post regarding #share2steem initiative that can using your instagram. twitter and youtube feed to be featured on steemit account once you are tagging #share2steem in your post. At first I never thinking to try it as for me maybe this will make my steemit feed bit messy with instagram photo. But once I think again, nope… I must use this initiative.. This the time for me to prove that we can earn crypto in steemit through major social media. By this we can prove that our content can really earn crypto and can really exchange it to real cash. For me, I will recommended people to use this because we will posting in social media anyway, why not just add one simple step and earn some side incomes?

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