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TEAMMALAYSIA’S DAILY PICKS #102 | zord189, davidke20 & roselifecoach

Welcome to the 102nd Edition of TeamMalaysia’s Daily Pick, below you will find some awesome and interesting post to read about from our authors in #TeamMalaysia!

What is TeamMalaysia Daily Pick?

This is an initiative proudly brought to you by @myach to help TeamMalaysia author’s post get some extra exposure and reward them for their determination to get some great quality content out there to all Steemians to enjoy!

Here are Some of Our Picks for Today

Teh Tarik Sundays | Money Talk with @cshaw, It’s TOMORROW! by @zord189

This upcoming Teh Tarik Sundays episode would be a special one because we will be having a Special Segment with @cshawthe founder of a website called More Money Malaysia, where it’s whole purpose is to help people’s money fuel their aspirations instead of being their limitations. #teammalaysia is blessed to have many creative minds and knowledgeable members come on the show over the months and this will be the first time we’ll be having a learning session with one of our members. Not only that, I’m happy to have @ireenchew come to join in as a guest host on Teh Tarik Sundays as well. I’m ever so grateful for people who are willing to try new things and that is what Teh Tarik Sundays is all about.

Hi Tech automobile service and repair 高达汽车维修企业 by @davidke20

What makes you worried when you drive to outstation? It’s simple, the car itself. What if it breakdown? Chances are you’ll get towed to some random workshop, and you got stranded at the place do nothing except wait more wait. What’s worse is if you got overcharged on the repairing bill, you won’t be able to say anything other than pay it up quietly! I would like to introduce you a motor repair workshop I’ve got good experience with when I go to Ipoh, Perak in Malaysia. Shop owner Sonny Wong is a very decent Chinese guy who run his own business in the piece of land. From the minimal wiring and electronic work to engine work, they nailed it all the way. Here’s some pictures to share with you.

Human Design #14: The Power of Decision Making by @roselifecoach

In your openness, you experience the others. Your openness is your receptor. In your openness, you feel, taste, smell, see and hear the other person energy and you amplify the experience. Every decision you made through the mind are based on energies you amplify from others. In the other word, when you make decisions using your mind, you made that decision as the others. Every energy you takes in from others and amplify will be interpreted by your mind as information and experiences. And you use this information as a list of pro and con.

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