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TEAMMALAYSIA’S DAILY PICKS #94 | @yashny, @roselifecoach & @goheunice

Welcome to the 94th Edition of TeamMalaysia’s Daily Pick, below you will find some awesome and interesting post to read about from our authors in #TeamMalaysia!

What is TeamMalaysia Daily Pick?

This is an initiative proudly brought to you by @myach to help TeamMalaysia author’s post get some extra exposure and reward them for their determination to get some great quality content out there to all Steemians to enjoy!

Here are Some of Our Picks for Today

How to Paint Tokyo City Skyline | Step by Step Tutorial | Water Colour Painting by @yashny

Hi dear Steemians! Today I would like to share a tutorial on how to paint the Tokyo city skyline using water colours. Well, I have never been to Tokyo but I was inspired to paint it after watching this art tutorial by Makoccino. My painting is not exactly like her’s as I have chosen different shades of colours and I went for a warmer looking sunset city skyline compared to her.

Managing Stress and Listen to Your Body. by @roselifecoach

I’m back! I have taken a long ‘holiday’ from expressing my creativity. For the past two weeks (?), I don’t feel any inspiration to write and I have not taken any photos lately. So let’s start with managing stress. You know what’s funny? It doesn’t matter if you are Defined Root or Undefined Root, managing stress is all about how much we listen to our body.

I flew from India to Malaysia to celebrate my birthday with my family! by @goheunice

Hey everyone! I just turned 24 this month. I’ve been in Chennai, India since beginning of September for work. And I will continue to work here until mid November. It was my birthday on October 2nd, which coincidentally was also Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, which fortunately for me, is a public holiday in all of India!So, that was that, I bought a flight ticket back to KL to see my family, celebrate my birthday and basically just chilled over the long weekend. I feel so recharged and happy after returning to Chennai!

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